Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CSET Test Tips

Welcome to my first post. This blog will offer helpful info and a variety of test tips for California teachers taking the CSET exam.

The CSET Multiple Subjects Exam is required for primary grade teachers and the CSET Single Subject Exams are required for High School teachers. I'll discuss resources for both.

To start with, one website you may wish to visit for a variety of CSET related info is called CSET Test Prep. The site has an excellent listing of CSET Practice Test sources and also a fairly comprehensive listing of the various Multiple Subject CSET Study Guides available.

The CSET Test Prep website also has a listing of CSET Prep Courses by California region, and includes a list of both Multiple Subjects AND Single Subject prep courses, which is actually very helpful, as CSET Single Subject courses can often be quite a bit harder to find.

Well that's it for my first post. Hope this info was helpful, and please check back soon for more CSET test tips and resources.